UsbFix: by SosVirus #1 detection USB vírus

With over 5 milion downloads, UsbFix has become the benchmark in its field.

UsbFix gives you access to your files and folders lost
during infection.


UsbFix is regularly updated to detect the latest threats.

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UsbFix removes threats and protects you from future reinfection !


UsbFix is constantly changing, it adapts to new threats.


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UsbFix is a utility disinfection suitable for USB virus.

UsbFix removes all types of infections that are spread through this system.

Adapted to the infections of types USB, he aims at all the types of infections which propagates by this system.
Nowadays, USB keys are an integral part of our life, we share them with the family, the friends, the children use them to the school …
The author of malware understood well it and exploit this “transport mode” to make more victims..
He doesn’t content with cleaning your USB keys, cards SDs …
He will also clean your PC if the infection is active on the system.
He clean the famous “shortcut virus USB”…

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