New update UsbFix available : 7.170

Here is the description of the version (Changelog) :

Added options  :

  1. You can change the language with a menu.
  2. You can choose the output format of the report (Classical BBCode , HTML , Kioskea, No format).
  3. Listing function has been reviewed, it is related to Virus Total and he sees himself added the ability to view the entire content of external media type USB (Lsting +).
  4. Better management of the Ramnit infection.
  5. Added a new section on the report (AutoRun) as the listing, it is related to Virus Total .
  6. Better management process and their stop.
  7. Cleaning since active session.
  8. Improved graphical menu interface.
  9. Adding an option interface.
  10. Update database .
  11. Fixed FPs Registry .
  12. Remove duplicate keys on 32 bit system.
  13. Better Italian translation (Big Up to our partner Kioskea :






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