We arrive at this page because it is probably the first time you use UsbFix so no worries!

UsbFix is easy to use, the two main functions are scanning and cleaning.
Depending on the type of infection that has contacted your PC, the analysis time can vary more or less but rarely exceed 5 minutes.

To save time, please connect multiple USB key before starting UsbFix, it will all be analyzed.

The report is quite simple to understand but if you have a doubt about detection, please create a support request on our SosVirus disinfection forum. This help is free ! You can also help you with the tutorial.

UsbFix needs you :

UsbFix is a free removal tool, constantly updated. We study the daily malware to uncover new threats.
We are also working on new features, and we follow the bugs of the software.

The ads on the website are the only way sure to pay our developers for this hard work.
However, you can contribute in a better way by making a small (or generous, it depends on your mood) Donate with Paypal.
Feel free to leave a message to express your gratitude with the gift, it is an important thing for the team!

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