After months of in-house development, we will deploy UsbFix Premium in its final version in the coming weeks. We have decided to review our network infrastructure before performing the upgrade of UsbFix. We had additional server-side functionality needs to evolve our software. The SSL certificate installation (https) on UsbFix website is an example of the necessary features.


For more information on this without going into the technical is here : Network SOSVirus . Our certificate will allow secure communications between UsbFix and its update server. Features of this type will be added to UsbFix, we tell you about all this at the presentation of the final version.

As promised, licenses already purchased are and will remain for life so it’s good time to acquire UsbFix! This offer ends April 30, 2016 at Beyond that date, the price will be annualized .

The deployment of new versions UsbFix include several steps. Each user versions (Basic, Standard, Maintenance) will receive an email alert with the details to download the upgrade free. We will detail all this on the blog of course;)

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