UsbFix Maintenance will facilitate interventions for professionals.
Unlike the free version, UsbFix Maintenance requires only a single analysis to obtain the results of detections and thus to clean.
It embeds several functions : FastScan & AutoClean to highlight the time saving but also automatic updates module.

  • Automatic Updates : Automatic Updates module embedded.
  • FastScan : It analyzes the current processes and frees up memory.
  • AutoClean : UsbFix cleans and repairs detected elements without any intervention.
  • Listing ++ : UsbFix generates a complete and detailed listing of the content of the disks.
  • AutoVaccine : Automatic vaccination of the USB disks.
  • Portable : No required installation, take UsbFix in your Pocket !
  • Multi-User : UsbFix analyzes all users of the PC.

A single disk to be analyzed ?

With Maintenance UsbFix you can analyze a single disk and not the entire system.
For this it is very easy, this option is added to the context menu when you first use

Licence System

UsbFix Maintenance is intended to be transported on a USB key, so as not to activate UsbFix Maintenance every time on a different PC, copy UsbFix to a USB stick that you use during your interventions.

usbfix mainetenance tool key

At its first launch (first launch this can be done in your company), UsbFix ask you to validate your license. Enter your license key received by email (Check your spam folder if you did not receive an email after the purchase) and the email address used when purchasing.

usbfix maintenance 2016 licence us

A Backup of your license key will be created on the USB stick where is located UsbFix. No need to validate your copy of the software thereafter.

usbfix maintenance serial key

Update system

At the launch of UsbFix, the server is queried to see if there is a newer version of UsbFix Maintenance. If necessary, the new version is downloaded to your USB key. You can continue your interventions with the latest UsbFix in the pocket. The latest version is launched automatically.

usbfix maintenance 2016 update

What more ?

Assuming that this version is aimed at experienced professionals, UsbFix Maintenance issue a limited number of messages when using it not to slow down your work.
The analysis report is not sent from our servers to maintain the confidentiality of your company and your customers, unlike the free version or reports can be shared on forums.

Just like the free version, find Quarantine manager but also “Uninstall” feature that will remove all traces of the use of the software on the client PC, it will also remove the quarantine area.

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Video demonstration

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