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With over 10 million downloads, UsbFix is the reference software to clean and protect your USB keys, SD cards, and external drives.
Download Usbfix free for Windows

UsbFix scans Windows and your USB drives.

If a malware is active on your system, UsbFix will detect it and suggest quarantining it.
More than 10 years of analysis.
UsbFix was born with the first malware that spread through USB drives (Bagle). It includes the most comprehensive virus signature database in its category.
Continuous Development.
We regularly update the database. Receive automatic updates.
UsbFix Frre Windows 11 analys
UsbFix - 4 analys Type
UsbFix - Activate advanced settings

Configure UsbFix as you wish.

UsbFix has various features that will allow you to customize it to your computer usage behavior.
Scan at computer startup.
Perform a quick scan at every startup of your computer to work without risks.
Real-time protection of USB drives.
Like an antivirus, UsbFix protects your USB keys and your computer in real time. It scans every USB key connected to the PC.

10-Minutes Setup

UsbFix installs easily on your Windows 11, Windows 10 or Windows 7 system. It will clean your USB keys and computer in less than 10 minutes!
Create an account and Download.
Download UsbFix for free from your personal space.
Clean Windows or just USB Keys.
Choose the type of analysis and let the software clean your USB keys and computer.
UsbFix Free for One Shot use
You can use UsbFix for free, only creating an account is required.

Best 3 Reason For Choose Our Software

Automatic software and database updates.
Real-time protection of USB keys and Windows.
French software developed in France!
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UsbFix Blogs

Follow the news of usbFix and its partners. We add descriptions of new malware, tutorials, and the changelog.
How To Remove Microsoft Excel.WsF
How to Remove Microsoft Excel.WsF
Microsoft Excel.WsF is a malware that belongs to the Houdini-Dinihou infection family.
Free And Open Source Software
Use Timeline to plan projects righe first time. how the pieces fit together
Free And Open Source Software
Use Timeline to plan projects righe first time. how the pieces fit together

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