Update UsbFix 7.912

There are two major points in this new version of UsbFix 7.912. The first concern the Bondat infection and its variants like proslikefan. Indeed this infection to the particularity since his last "upgrade" to move file and user folders on the USB disk in a folder named .Trashes This .Trashes folder is legitimate under the

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We arrive at this page because it is probably the first time you use UsbFix so no worries! UsbFix is easy to use, the two main functions are scanning and cleaning. Depending on the type of infection that has contacted your PC, the analysis time can vary more or less but rarely exceed 5 minutes.

UsbFix 7.800

New update avalaible : UsbFix 7.800 Adding a module management quarantine. Major database update. Better detection of Dinihou infection (AutoIt Version). Added detection of infectious registry key Run "empty" (not file). Optimization registy scan. Review of the Menu interface. Correcting False Positive (Thanks to WT) Review of the Options interface

UsbFix 7.177

New UsbFix update available : 7.177 Here is the description of the version : This version is a major step in the evolution of UsbFix, it loads the new features. Much work has been done to improve the overall execution speed of the program, making UsbFix more simple and enjoyable to use. Complete overhaul of

Update UsbFix 7.172

New update UsbFix available : 7.172 Here is the description of the version (Changelog) : Fixed Bug Header Function. DataBase updated. Fixed Bug WMI. Adding a gift for summer in French language.

Update UsbFix 7.171

New update UsbFix available : 7.171 Here is the description of the version (Changelog) : Fixed Bug Autorun Function. DataBase updated. Fixed Bug Portuguese translation. Adding our partner on the menu. Added detection new worm.AutoIt : googleupdate.a3x. Added detection Worm.JS (proslikefan) : http://www.sosvirus.net/g108-script-worm-proslikefan-t78924.html.