Microsoft Excel.WsF : New houdini

We know the infection Houdini - Dinihou everyone call "USB shortcut Virus." A new variant begins to appear, it is slightly different because it uses a different extension: .wsf (Windows Script File). This programming language allows mixing JScript and VBScript scripting languages into a single file, or other scripting languages. These types of scripts can


How to remove GoogleChrome.a3x

A new variant of Worm.autoIt GoogleUpdate.a3x just been discovered by UsbFix: GoogleChrome.a3x This variant create 2 folders on the system disk : C:\GoogleChrome C:\MozillaFirefox She put the malicious script GoogleChrome.a3x (encoded AutoIt Script), renowned wscript.exe copies, copies of famous AutoIt.exe, copies of cmd.exe renamed and shortcuts : GoogleChrome.lnk


Infection spreading through usb peripherals – What is it ?

Infection spreading through usb peripherals - What is it ?     Not only in apples, are there worms! Infections spreading through removable drives are still here for long, in every place where computers may be used by several persons : cybercafes, media libraries, schools, associations, offices...   Spreading scheme :   A clean

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