Thank you for your download !

We arrive at this page because it is probably the first time you use UsbFix so no worries!

UsbFix is easy to use, the two main functions are scanning and cleaning.
Depending on the type of infection that has contacted your PC, the analysis time can vary more or less but rarely exceed 5 minutes.

To save time, please connect multiple USB key before starting UsbFix, it will all be analyzed.

The report is quite simple to understand but if you have a doubt about detection, please create a support request on your UsbFix Account. This help is free ! You can also help you with the tutorial.

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35 thoughts on “Thank you for your download !”

  1. Amazing tool. I already resigned myself to a days long torture of research, scans and cleaning sessions but one run of USBfix and it seems the problem is really fixed. This earns a donation. Saved my life.

  2. I had issues with myloveever.exe virus that is in my start-up for months. I have tried so many tools to remove it to no avail, surprisingly just one try with USBfix and it gone. Wonderful tool keep it up

  3. Thank you USBFix and SosVirus

    I employed in CopyMac Sale and Service, a photocopy shop’s

    Recently our shop pc is suffering on these INFAMOUS USB SHORTCUT VIRUS and some program (Such as Adobe Reader) even closed automatically during I almost launched the Print command!

    after I install USBFix in the related pc and i shocked dat more than 79 issues founded in a single clean

    the awesome part is: all our customer’s USB harddrive is saved to used, all data is restored for no worries

    Now i even used in my own pc and I even restored my 4GB SD card on my Mobile Phone

    Thank you very much =3=

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